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October 22, 2003

Dear Diary,

Elspeth, Deborah and Jo came by today to see how Giles is feeling. Jo's been here a lot, but this was the first time Elspeth and Deborah have visited the house even though they've called every day and sent some balm that helps heal burns.

Jo brought Giles the cutest teddy bear named Teddy Cuddles who is supposed to keep Giles company while he's getting well. I knew you'd want to see him, Dear Diary, so I borrowed this digicam thingy that Willow has for her laptop that lets you take pictures and then print them. (Which means I can share a lot more stuff with you.) Anyway, I was just about to take a picture of TC sitting on the mantel in the living room and instead I got this.

Aren't they just the cutest couple? J I think he really liked his bear!

Later, I heard Buffy tell Willow she thought it was a dumb gift, because Giles isn't the teddy bear type. (Whatever that means.) But I think maybe its Buffy who doesn't like teddy bears. The expression in her eyes as she looked at TC made me think she wanted to rip out his stuffing. I guess she's just more the pig type.




I think Elspeth got a kick out of the axe hanging over the fireplace. Every time she looked at it she smiled. I'm not sure Deborah can smile. Maybe she's like one of those weird people who can wiggle their ears or raise their eyebrow like Mr. Spock. (Which reminds me, I so need to write to Andrew.) Or maybe instead she's missing something and can't turn up the corners of her mouth. Or maybe she's just grumpy. Right now, I'm leaning toward the grumpy theory.

Which reminds me, Giles has been really grouchy the past couple of days. Not that I blame him. Buffy's getting on my nerves and I'm not the one she's hovering over every single minute. The poor guy can't even go to the bathroom without her waiting outside the door. (I half expect to find her some morning sleeping across the foot of his bed like a basset hound or something.)

Tonight at dinner she reached across the table and cut the steak that was on his plate into bite-sized bits. (I know Giles' hand is hurt and everything, but it's not like he's three years old or something, and he's so totally left-handed that sometimes I don't think he even knows he has a right hand.) Anyway, Xander and Willow and I sat there frozen in our chairs waiting for the explosion. But Giles just watched her with the strangest expression on his face. Then he started to laugh. He just sat back and gestured for her to go ahead while he laughed. I guess Buffy finally realized what she was doing because she turned all bright red and started to stutter and stammer worse than Giles. Then, all of a sudden, she started to laugh, too. Then, we were all laughing. I'm not even sure why, but it felt really good.

More later.