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As if!!! This is so totally a date!!!


March 1, 2004

Dear Diary,

Woo-hoo!!! A week ago I would have said that I would never smile again, but today was like the best day ever!

Remember when I said that Mark was the nicest guy in the world? Well, it turns out that he's the most romantic one too!!

When I got to school this morning there was a grey, slug-shaped sucker taped to my locker. At first I thought it was a joke or something but then I saw there was a note attached to it. It was from Mark, and the sucker was his way of asking me out!!!

Okay, I know that sounds weird and creepy, but it's totally not. He asked me to go to Slug Fest and this was just his way of keeping with the theme. Isn't that like the cutest thing in the whole world? He is so sweet, and totally adorable in a I'm-a-Geek-and-Proud-of-It kind of way.

I found him down in the library after school and told him that I would love to go and he looked totally shocked. I think he was sure that I would say no. As if! It's not everyday a girl gets asked out with a slug!!!

Liz says that the Slug Fest is a really big deal here in WP, and that she would kill for a date to it. So, yay me!

Here's the note. I would show you the sucker too, but I ate it!

More later.