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February 10, 2004

Dear Diary, 

Just a quick note before bed, because I'm REALLY tired tonight.  I sneaked out for just a little bit after dinner and saw Randall.  He agreed to watch me (my own Watcher!) while I did the truth spell on the perfume.  I am just so tired of guys (Brian!) not telling me what they're really thinking.  (If they think at all.)  So I'll find out on Saturday. 

I did the spell, but I was so sleepy that I just passed out afterwards.  Glad Randall was there to "Watch" over me!!  But it was so cool, because the perfume worked!!!!  I know because Randall let me test it on him and he said the nicest thing.  I wish I could remember, something about me vitalizing him or something.  I wonder why it sounds cool when he talks like that, but it sounds pompous (vocab word!) when Giles talks that way... 

Anyway, Randall's going to keep the perfume for me until Saturday and then I'll try it on. 

I can't wait to find out how the guys really think! 

More later.