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October 8, 2003

Dear Diary,

We bought the house I was told you about. It's perfect. Okay, so there were some demons living in the basement that Buffy had to evict the hard way. (Whatever happened to paying rent like everyone else?) But other than that everything is wonderful.

The house is two stories with a basement and an attic so there's plenty of room everyone, plus extra space for when Giles comes to visit. And they're three bathrooms. Three!!!! I won't have to wait in the hall any more and Willow can finally take that bubble bath she's been babbling about. There's even a big building behind the house where wagons and stuff used to be stored that Buffy can use for training.

The guy who built it was named Scobie. How cool is that? (His first name was Hiram, which definitely loses him points.) You know, it's like it was meant for us to live here. And just in case Buffy gets bored, there's a cemetery not far from the house.

Got to run. I've got a geometry test tomorrow. Which reminds me. Did I tell you that I'm a junior at Northern Senior High School? Go Wolfskins! Yeah, I know. The name is really lame. But, hey, it's not as bad as Ducks. And it could be even worse. We could be Snails.

I didn't see any reason to start school when we didn't know if we were staying or not, but Buffy insisted. Giles suggested placement tests as a way around the whole school records disappearing into the Hellmouth thing. So I took the tests and you know what? I'm smart! Which is exactly what I've been trying to tell Buffy all these years. But when does anyone ever listen to me?

More later.