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November 5, 2003

Dear Diary,

You know I think Whispering Pine is almost as weird as Sunnydale. Okay, so there may not be a Hellmouth here, but we've got killer garden gnomes and homicidal concrete bunnies. What's up with that? The stuff is creepy enough just sitting out in the yard; it has to be evil, too?

The good news is that Buffy totally kicked cement, ceramic and plaster butt. The better news is that Giles is staying here where he belongs. (Buffy finally got her act together and asked him not to leave. Thank God.) And the best news of all is that Brian Tully called me.

I met him at Liz's party. He's a senior and I promise he was absolutely the hottest guy there. We totally hit it off but when I left he didn't say anything about calling or anything so it was a big surprise when I picked up the phone and heard his voice.

I hoped he might kind of like me because Liz said that her little brother Jared--who is best friends with Brian's little brother Hunter--had told her that he heard Brian tell his friend CJ that he thought I was smart and cute too. Isn't that neat? He's SOOOOOOOO cool!

Brian is a total history nut. His family has been here forever and he knows all sorts of interesting stuff about Whispering Pines. I wish I could ask him over to see Scobie Manor but Buffy would probably meet him at the door demand to check for a pulse. I mean like how embarrassing would that be? She still treats me like I'm a stupid little kid.

I guess I'd better say goodbye. I'm supposed to help the others move some stuff out of the basement so Giles will have a place from all the books and stuff that's still in England. Willow has already picked out a rug that she said is perfect for a 'English gentleman's study' and Xander is building some shelves and things. Buffy mentioned something about the room really needing a library table, but I'm not sure why.

More later.