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October 31, 2003

Dear Diary,

OMG! I had the best time at the Halloween party at Liz's house. The whole first floor was decorated like a haunted house and was supposed to be all scary and everything. But after living in Sunnydale and seeing real vampires and demons and stuff it was kinda lame. I mean it was all I could do not to laugh when some of the girls (and guys) from school screamed and grabbed each other every time something jumped out at them. (A real vampire would have eaten them for being so dumb and noisy.)

Can you believe that Buffy stopped by to make sure I was actually there?! (You sneak out for one date with one vampire and suddenly you're branded for life! And it's not like I don't remember how many times she snuck out of the house to see Angel.) I mean it was bad enough when I showed her the invitation and she called Liz's parents to make sure that there really was going to be a party and that Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins would be there. But then she had to show up too. She claimed she was just checking to make sure everything was okay. But I know she was really there to make sure I was where I said I was.

She really needs to get a life and stop worrying about me.




I'm almost positive that Giles called too, since Mrs. Hutchins asked me who the guy with the sexy English accent was. (You realize I'm going to be scarred for life after hearing the words 'sexy' and 'Giles' in the same sentence.)

Xander picked me up when the party was over. (Liz thinks he's hot!) He and Giles spent the night at our house, handing out candy to the trick or treaters. Xander looked a little green so I bet he ate as much as he gave out. The house looked really cool. It was decorated all Halloweeny with pumpkins and bats and skeletons (not real ones) and cauldrons (Willow gave us her usual "witches are good" speech but Xander said we had to have them) and all kinds of other stuff like some really cool jack-o-laterns that Xander carved.

I guess Giles must have celebrated a little too much cause he was sleeping in his chair when I got home. I was going to tell him all about the party but Buffy told me to hush the second I walked into the room. I think she was just sitting there watching him. Which is kinda backwards since the Slayer was watching the Watcher instead of the other way around.

I wish she'd just ask him to stay and be done with it.

Buffy said that everything was quiet so I guess the vamps and demons stuck around their crypts or caves or wherever for once. (They're some good movies on tonight for the monsters who have cable.) She didn't seem to want to talk about patrol, but she did ask me about the party and actually listened to my answer. She's really working hard on the being a good big sister thing. A totally annoying one, but a good one.

Willow went to a Samhain ceremony at the coven. I bet that was pretty cool. I wonder if she'll let me go with her next year?

More later.