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December 1, 2003

Dear Diary,

Brian Tully SO needs to call me.  It's getting really frustrating.  I mean really, Giles has got a date and he's like ancient and Buffy's got a date and I don't know who would want to date her, but Brian just won't call ME.

Liz says its because he's shy, but Susie says its because that one of the cheerleaders, Joanie, has been telling her friends that she likes him and now he's thinking about her.  Probably thinking about her BOOBS, I mean, does he really think those are REAL?  I'm from California, I know a boob job when I see one.  I think half my class in Sunnydale had them.  

Boys make me crazy.  But two can play that game.  I told Liz to tell Monica that I like David now.  Let's see what Brian thinks about that!

More Later