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MY (our) great new Lilac car in front of my school!

Isn't it just SO COOL!??!?!!!!!


November 30, 2003

Dear Diary,

We have a new car! Its REALLY cool and just EXACTLY the right color.  Buffy let me go with Xander to pick it out since it was a Sunday afternoon and I had done all my homework and everything.  (I'm still grounded, this was just a temporary parole!)

It was really funny at the car store.  The salesman and Xander are trying to be all manly talking about how "this car has the best safety rating in the industry," and "mileage is important" and "acceleration speeds are excellent," and so on.   Who cares about all that stupid stuff?  This car is like the coolest color you've ever seen. It almost matches my bedroom!  

I had Xander drive it to the school (you know he had to whine all the way there about it) to take a picture of it--isn't that just the greatest color?

Oh, but you know what was really cool?  When the time came to sign the papers and the salesman asked Xander about his job.  The salesman was kinda snarky, you know, like he didn't expect a good answer, but Xander very quietly told him he was working for Woodcraft Custom Furniture.  I guess they have a good rep in town or something, 'cause the salesman looked ALL impressed.

More later.