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November 14, 2003

Dear Diary,

Everyone in this house, EXCEPT ME, has gone totally NUTS! 

Buffy's been acting like she's possessed by a June Cleaver demon or something. All I've heard her for the past 2 weeks is 

         Clean up your room, Dawn. 

         Do your homework, Dawn. 

         Eat your vegetables, Dawn. 

         Time to go to bed, Dawn. 

I'm not kidding.  Last night at dinner she actually wanted to talk about my daily requirement for leafy green vegetables and whether I was getting the required 8 hours of sleep!!  Mom didn't treat me like this when I was six years old. 

Giles has gone off the deep end, too.  Ever since he decided to stay he's been obsessed with "contributing to the household."  He mumbles about not wanting to be treated like a helpless child by Buffy any more (something I can totally get into!) He keeps talking about finding a job.  I told him it wasn't like he has to work or anything.  A lot of guys his age are already retired. 

And it's sure not like he needs the money.  He has everything that Anya left him, plus a salary from the Council.  When I told him he should relax and take it easy he said he wasn't ready to be put out to pasture quite yet.  Whatever that means. 

And you never know what kind of mood Xander will be in.  One minute he's all happy and Xander-like and the next he snarls and snaps like he hates everyone.  He spends so much time in his workshop making stuff for the house that I expect Giles is going to have floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookcases in the basement. 

Willow is totally freaking, too.  She says Whispering Pines isn't magick friendly.  And she's trying so hard to convince everyone that she's Glinda the Good Witch that I'm surprised she doesn't want us to all dress up like Munchkins. 

And Brian Tully STILL hasn't asked 
me out yet.  

I could just die. 

More later.