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(this is so gonna impress Liz and the other kids at school!)


October 14, 2003

Dear Diary,

Our new house has a ghost. Her name is Hedwig.

Hiram Scobie (Remember him? The guy who built the house.) went nuts after his son died. He killed Hedwig, who was the little boy's nurse, because he thought she'd murdered his son. Only he was wrong and she didn't have anything to do with it. After he murdered her, he hid her body in the attic and her spirit was trapped there until we found her and set her free.

We promised to let people know she was innocent so we talked to the reporter who interviewed us before and she wrote an article about what happened. Hedwig liked that. I know I wouldn't like being blamed for 115 years for something I didn't do.

I live in the attic now, which might seem kind of icky because of the murder and everything, but I love the room and Hedwig doesn't mind sharing. She likes lilac, too.

Dinner will be ready soon so I'd better finish my homework. Giles has gone to pick up the money he blackmailed the real estate agent into giving back because she didn't tell us about the ghost. (If she doesn't hand it over, maybe I can go back and threaten her again. It was fun!)

Tonight's a special occasion. We're having our first Scoobie dinner in our new house with all our new furniture. It's so great to have all of us together and safe and not have to worry about what bad thing is going to happen next.

More later.

P.S. I can't wait for Giles to see that axe. He's gonna die.