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October 14, 2003 -- AGAIN!

Dear Diary,

I didn't think I would be writing to you again tonight, but something terrible has happened.

Giles is missing.

When he didn't come home for dinner, Xander and I went to look for him. We found the SUV and there wasn't any blood or anything so maybe he's okay.

But if he's not hurt then where is he?

Buffy totally freaked out when we told her we couldn't find him and she went out alone to look for him. I'm not sure where Xander is but Willow is downstairs working on a locator spell.

This is really scary. I mean, we're supposed to be safe here. Bad things can't start happening here like they did in Sunnydale. It was bad enough that Giles was leaving when none of us are ready for him to be gone yet. I don't guess we'll ever be ready really, but we're definitely not ready now and we're not ready for something like this to happen.

We don't talk about it or anything, but I hope Giles knows that we love him. I know he's not my dad or anything, but he does a lot of things for me that I think a dad would do. He even helps me with my homework just like all the dads on TV always do. (Which is something Hank never did.)




Xander loves him, too. Although he probably thinks saying he loves Giles it too girly and would be all manly and say that Giles is his male role model or something. Well, maybe not. He'd probably say that James Bond or Indiana Jones or some guy like this is his role model. But I bet he would rather be like Giles than be like his own Dad. I think Giles was the first person who ever told Xander that he was smart enough to do anything he wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Harris sure didn't. They were too busy getting drunk and screaming at each other to care about anyone else. So maybe I don't know what Xander would call Giles. But even if he doesn't say it, I know he loves Giles. And Xander hurts so much from losing Anya, I don't know what he would do if he lost Giles, too.

I worry about Willow, too. She's all "I'm fine" on the outside, but you can tell she thinks a lot about what she did after Tara got killed. I guess that maybe she hopes that since he helped her once he'll know what to do if she goes all veiny and wanting to destroy the world again. (Which just might happen if someone has hurt Giles.)

But Buffy's the one I'm most worried about. She's been really quiet about Giles going back to England. I wanted her to ask him to stay, but she said she doesn't have that right and that he deserves to have a life of his own. I told her that I didn't see why he can't have a life with us. But Buffy wouldn't budge and threatened to ground me until I'm 21 if I said anything to him. She meant it, too.

I just want him to be safe and to come home. I won't even complain about him leaving us to go to England.

Just let him be okay.