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September 15, 2003

Dear Diary,

We had a Scooby meeting today  (How come Giles gets a room of his own and a TV?   And why does Xander keep mumbling "shallow" at him?) and decided it's time to get a place of our own.

At first we talked about renting, but then we realized that with the money Anya left us we can buy our own house.  (That way when Giles comes to visit he can have his own room and won't have to sleep on the sofa.)

Giles knows that we know that the Council has been calling every day wanting him to come back to England but he promised to stay and help us get settled.  I guess that means he'll be leaving soon.  How hard can it be to find the perfect house and buy it?

More later.


September 30, 2003

Dear Diary,

We just got back from looking at house #27.  No Sale.

Xander said it needed all new wiring and the plumbing wasn't in very good shape either.  One mention of bad pipes and Buffy was out of there like she was trying out for the Olympic track team.

Who knew it would be so much trouble just to find a house we all like?  It's not like we're looking for Buckingham Palace or something.  We just want good plumbing, plenty of bedrooms for all of us, plus enough bathrooms so that no one (usually me) has to stand out in the hall and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

The real estate agent says she has another house to show us tomorrow that she thinks is exactly what we're looking for.  (Of course, she's said that about the other 27 houses, too.)  She said the owners are very motivated to sell (which is real estate for 'desperate') and that the house is in excellent condition.  Of course, if it's all that great I wonder why she's waited so long to tell us about it?

Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's right and that this is the one.

More later.