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January 28, 2004

Dear Diary, 

I don't want to have these stupid headaches.  I was going to tell you about this yesterday, but I was so tired after talking to Randall, well....  

Anyway, it's not fair!  I've been making sure not to skip meals or anything like that, but it just doesn't seem to make any difference.  I mean, even in science class!  All I was doing was sitting there staring at the periodic table and all of sudden BOOM - it felt like I was in the middle of Pelennor Fields.  (Giles loves the movie, too.  We went to see it twice!  The second time he didn't even complain that much about the mistakes in the depiction of elves!) 

I wanted to help with the research into the gland demon, but Buffy has this thing about me doing my homework.  (Which is totally nuts considering that Mom had to practically sit on Buffy to make her do hers.)  I told Randall all about it and he said he thinks that Buffy is jealous.  He said that even though she's the Slayer and super strong and everything that she has to depend on other people to figure out how to kill the things she needs to kill.  Of course he used a lot bigger words, but he said it all boils down to "brains over brawn" and that Buffy's just feeling threatened because she knows I'm smarter than she is.  He said that by keeping me working on the school stuff and away from slaying stuff that she can make sure that she keeps me under control.  Randall said she loves me but that I'm a "free spirit" being "choked by Buffy's tyrannical rule" and that I'll never realize my potential unless Buffy gives me breathing room. 

It really made a lot of sense when I thought about it.  He's so brainy and he seems to be really looking out for me.  Kinda like Giles does for Buffy. 

Anyway, enough about Control-Freak Buffy.  Let's get to the important stuff - Xander was flirting with Miss Whedon!!!!!  And I think she was flirting back.  (If Buffy and Willow hadn't been in the kitchen I could have sneaked into the living room and listened in on the extension.) 


This is like the first time Xander's been really interested in a girl since we've been here.  At first I thought he might like Lessa.  (We're watching cartoons with her again this Saturday and you know, she really is cool for someone old like Buffy.  She totally gets the Roadrunner.)

But I guess that when you see Xander and Lessa together it's easy to see that it's just like and not LIKE cause he treats both of us just the same.  

Anyway, I was going to introduce Xander and MW but she got called back to the office.  (Mary Russell was doing some lab experiment and accidentally super-glued her hair to her desk.  How lame is that?)  I don't want any more headaches but it would almost be worth it if Xander could come to school to get me and meet MW in person. 

More later.