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January 27, 2004

Dear Diary, 

Just finished talking to Randall.  (Like the sketch I did of him?)

You know, he has such a nice voice, I could listen to him for hours and hours.    I'm so glad we set up the computer chat.  It's great lying in bed talking to him each night.

Anyway, tonight he was telling me how he never wanted to be a Watcher, but I told him I thought he'd be a good one and I meant it.  You know, I bet he's every bit as smart as Giles.  And he would never send me to my room while everyone else goes out and chases demons.  Plus, Randall takes my advice and listens to me.  Giles never asks my opinion.  Randall is the only one who treats me like an adult... who treats me like a woman. 

It's just not fair!  And Randall sees it.  That's why we're such a good team. 

I really need to get some sleep.  But one more thing I should tell you before I go to bed.   I've decided that these cow pajamas have got to go.  It's time I changed to something more grown-up and sophisticated.  I wonder if they have penguins? 

Or maybe I'll get that black lacy number Randall liked in the window at Victoria's Secret. 

More later.