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January 13, 20034 

Dear Diary, 

No disasters!  Can you believe it?  It's Buffy's birthday and so far, not one single bad thing has happened to anyone.  This is like the dullest day ever.  But in a really good non-worldending way. 

Buffy freaked a little this morning  (of course those pancakes were enough to make anyone freak!) but she got over it pretty quickly.  We had a terrific birthday breakfast (we had to do a surprise breakfast because Giles and Brad and the people Buffy work with have set up this big surprise party tonight) and all of us gave Buffy her presents.   Well, Giles didn't.  But that was because he was afraid seeing a picture of Mom would upset her and she'd start blubbering into the syrup or something. 

Giles showed me the picture (he's got one for me, too) because he didn't want me to walk into Buffy's room and accidentally see it and be all shocked and everything.  I'm not sure of the details, but from the one or two things Giles said I think Hank better be glad he cooperated.  Giles is already plenty ticked off about him ignoring Buffy and me.  If he'd refused to help with the picture, things could have gotten messy. 

Hey, the phone's ringing, it should be Liz, so--

More later.

Hey, that was Randall and he sounds freaked.  I've called Liz and cancelled and need to go.  I'll tell you about it later.

More later.

I'm back!  I walked in and was almost swallowed by this huge thing of flowers.  It was nice, but I know Hank's secretary sent the flowers.  I'm sure she did  all the work tracking down the photographer for the picture too.  Hank thinks he's too important to spare the time to do it himself.  He always has a lot more important things to think about than his daughters.   Not that I'm bitter about that or anything.


Anyway, I had a GOOD day. 
I spent it with Randall and it was the most fun I've had in like forever.  He's such a great listener.  He actually pays attention to everything I say - not like some people I won't name (Buffy) - and he talks to me like we're friends, not like I'm just some kid.  Now I totally understand why Buffy likes spending time with Giles.  Hey, maybe Randall can be my Giles.  Wouldn't that be terrific?!    

I'm not sure what Willow and Xander did today, but they came home covered in twigs and mud and giggling like two-year-olds.  If it was just Willow I would suspect consumption of mass quantities of sugar and caffeine, but Xander looked just as hyped.  When I asked what happened they just giggled and looked at each other and giggled some more.  Finally, Xander said something about "communing with nature" which made Willow laugh so hard I think she wet her pants.  They are so totally weird. 

Back on Buffy's birthday.  It was set up so that Brad was going to take her out to dinner at that Thai place we all like.  I was sort of looking out the window when Brad brought her home and from the lip-lock by the front door I think Buffy must have had a really good time. 

BTW, remind me never, ever go downstairs for a snack when Giles and Jo are alone in the living room.   I could be traumatized for life seeing things like that.   Totally not right.  Here I am, just exhausted, but I have to go ALL the way around to the back stairs to get to the Cheetos.   The time delay to get my snack could do really bad things to my blood sugar.  (I'm trying to keep that up--I had another headache today, but you know, it really didn't seem important when I was with Randall.  He totally doesn't overreact like some people do...)

Well, anyway, maybe the birthday curse is finally over.  I'm happy, Willow and Xander are happy, Giles looked really happy, and Buffy made it through the day without a major disaster.  Life just keeps getting better and better (except for headaches, but even they weren't THAT bad or maybe I'm just getting used to them.) 

I guess I'd better get some sleep.  I didn't think I was tired, but suddenly I can barely keep my eyes open.  Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to talk to Buffy and find out how her big date went.

More later.