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March 4, 2004

Dear Diary,

Mark is so cute! He was waiting by my locker this morning just so he could walk me to class. When I mentioned how much I was looking forward to our date he turned red, and then got the biggest, hugest smile I've ever seen. Then he started talking about slugs. And the way he talked about them they're not ewww at all, they're kinda interesting. He's totally as big a geek as Willow - only a lot more guy-like and cute.

After fourth period, Mark and I walked to the cafeteria and had lunch together. We passed Brian in the hallway, and he gave me a funny look so I grabbed Mark's hand. Mark looked like he was going to pass out from surprise, but then he flashed the same huge smile that he had this morning when I told him that we were going on a date. When Mark smiles like that, all I can say is "Brian who?" (And "Randall who?" too, for that matter!)

I told everyone at dinner tonight that I had a date for the Slug Fest, and they were all really happy for me. I thought Buffy would give me the third degree about Mark, but instead she was all like, "That's wonderful, Dawn!"

The only bad part of the day was seeing Xander's face when we were talking about the Slug Fest. I think he really wants to go, and he wants to go with Ms. Whedon. He was so happy with her, and he deserves happiness more than anybody else I know and it's all Ethan's fault that he's miserable.

I have to do something about Xander being so unhappy. I'm going to talk to Ms. Whedon tomorrow, and see if I can't do a bit of matchmaking. Ooh, maybe I'll talk to Mark about it first. Any guy who can get a date with a slug sucker is sure to know just what I should say to her.

More later.