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(I've had these heart stickers for a while. I bought them to use when I talked about Brian, but now I'm glad I never did. Mark so totally deserves them more than Brian!)


March 5, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today was GREAT!

Mark suggested I try the direct approach with Ms. Whedon, and it totally worked! She said that Xander could call her after dinner. And when he did? Presto! She's going to the Slug Fest with him!! Go Xander!!!

And it's so cool, Buffy and Giles are planning on going to the fair together, as in together! It's their first official date. Go Buffy and Giles!

Willow is grooving with the Coven, and everybody is perfect here at Scobie Manor. But nobody is more perfect than me, 'cause I've got a date with Mark!

I wish it was tomorrow already. I know that we're going to have the BEST time, and that everything is going to be perfect.

More later.