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(I took this digi while Xander was talking to Miss Whedon. Starting to remember why I used to have a crush on him. He's almost as handsome as Mark!)


March 13, 2004

Dear Diary,

Saturday night, and I'm home alone. Buffy and Giles went out to a restaurant, and they both looked really nice. Xander was going more casual for his date with Ms. Whedon, but he looked pretty good too. (I just gotta say, blue is so his color, and he always looks great in button-down shirts.) Willow went out for coffee, and I asked if I could go with, but kinda got the feeling that she wanted to go by herself. So here I am, all alone on a Saturday night.

I called Mark and we talked for a long time even though he was supposed to be studying.

I wonder if maybe Buffy would let me bring Mark into the loop, just like Xander did with Ms. Whedon? I mean, after all, he is really good at science and that's always a good thing, right?

Nah, maybe not. I mean I really like Mark, but I don't think we're loopy-stage yet. I guess I'll just have to wait out him being mad at me. Sometimes it's hard to be a Scooby.

More later.