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March 7, 2004

Dear Diary,

I was so excited last night that I didn't tell you much about the Slug Fest. Except for the Hellmouthy stuff, it that was a lot of fun.

Mark was polite to everyone, but totally NOT in an Eddie Haskell kind of way. It's just how he is, you know? Giles said that he seemed like a nice young man, and Buffy said that he might even be good enough for me. I pretended like I didn't care when she said that, but it's actually kinda nice that she's happy for me.

We saw everything there was to see, and Mark held my hand the entire time. He bought me some cotton candy that was pretty good, and told me lots of things about slugs. He's REALLY smart, especially when it comes to science.

We were just finishing lunch when Willow called and said that some giant slugs ate all our friends from the Coven. (Except it turned out that those slugs WERE our friends, but it was a good guess.) I had to ditch Mark to go on Scooby duty, and I think it kind of hurt his feelings.

But you know what? He was really cool about it. When Willow noticed that Elspeth was looking kinda bad, I went to ask Mark how to take care of sick slugs and he totally came through for us. If it hadn't been for him, they all might have died before becoming human again. Mark saved their lives, and I can't even tell him! Since I couldn't tell him what a hero he was, I kissed him instead. Just a quick kiss, but it was on the lips, so it definitely counts. And then when I asked him to mix up the slugs at the slug races, he did it without even asking why.

Of course, then I got all covered in slug slime (THANK YOU, XANDER!) and had to go home for a shower. I was so worried that Mark would be angry I bailed on our date that I called and left a message for him as soon as I got home. I told him that Wilson Smith, who is like the biggest jerk in school, slimed me. He believed me, and was really understanding about the whole thing. Also, Mark said that he isn't allowed to go out during the week, but he asked me to study with him after school tomorrow. I can't wait!

Mark is just the nicest guy in the world. Have I mentioned that before?

More later.


March 9, 2004

Dear Diary,

Mark and I have eaten lunch together and studied after school together for the last two days. I called him my "boyfriend" during lunch today, all ready to pass it off as a joke if he thought it was too soon, but instead he turned the most adorable shade of red I've ever seen and choked out, "Really?" It was too, too cute! So now we're official. I wonder if that's why Brian was giving me such funny looks in Physics today. It was kind of creepy, actually.

And oh! Guess what! Ms. Whedon came over for dinner tonight, and she and Xander held hands the entire time. It was so cute! Buffy and Giles made cow-eyes at each other all through dinner and that was cute too, though of course I would never tell them that.

I feel kind of bad for Willow because she's the only one of us without a honey, but when I told her that she just smiled and said that she was just enjoying the coffee. And I thought Buffy was the weirdo in our family!

Oh, and after dinner, a newspaper reporter stopped by to ask Giles questions about winning that contest on Saturday. Xander almost choked. Giles had 'no comment,' because he still has no idea that Xander posed as him, and sent the lady away. Maybe I should tell Buffy and Giles what really happened?

Nah, why ruin their perfect day?

More later.