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Isn't this a cute picture? This is just the way I like to see them: smiling, happy, together... and NOT SMOOCHING IN FRONT OF ME!


March 6, 2004

Dear Diary,


And oh, all them members of the Coven turned into giant slugs and we had to cart them all over the fair, and Xander impersonated Giles to win a contest, and I disrupted the slug race, but who cares about any of that?


I also saw Buffy and Giles totally making out, which was EWW to the max (not that they're kissing, but that they're doing it in front of me!), but at least they seemed happy. Buffy may be a total pain in my butt most of the time, but she deserves to be happy, and so does Giles. If they can make each other happy, then that's all of the good. Not as good as me kissing Mark, but close!

I've GOT to call Liz!

More later.