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March 17, 2004

Dear Diary,

Mark's grounded for the next gazillion years (okay, a week) for getting a D on his history test. I'm good at history; maybe I can tutor him while he helps me with my science?

He wanted to talk to me over my computer tonight, but I lied and said that I wasn't set up for that. It's just that that was always my thing with Rand Ethan, and I'm not ready to get into that again. I know, I know. It doesn't make any sense. Mark isn't Ethan. It isn't technology's fault that Ethan is lying scum. I'm just... not ready.

More later.


March 20th,

Dear Diary,

Another Saturday night with me being the only one home again. Buffy and Giles were sort of adorable as they argued about where they were going to go tonight. I know they're going to Eugene, but I wonder whether they'll wind up at a nightclub like Buffy wanted, or a mellow brewpub like Giles wanted. They're just so cute I couldn't resist patting Buffy on the head. If looks could kill I'd have been a goner, but it was worth it.

Mark gets un-grounded tomorrow, so we should be able to study after school again on Monday. I'd better just call him and see if he wants some... tutoring... on Monday. I think I love school now!

And I never thought I would ever say that!!