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He's 50 today, Dear Diary!

I hope Buffy doesn't try to put on ALL those candles!!!
She'll burn the house down!


February 20, 2004

Dear Diary,

Giles' birthday is finally here!  Willow's going to leave in a few minutes to go to the airport and pick him up.  Buffy worked on the decorations for hours and hours last night, so she's rewarding herself with a bubble bath and Xander's on the phone talking to Carrie. 

He asked if he could invite her to the party and we all said yes.  But she said she knew it was special and thought it should be just family.  I'm sort of glad she decided not to come.  I like her and everything, but she's right - this is special and should just be our family. 

Xander really, REALLY, likes her.  He calls her every day and they went to a movie one night and he took her out pizza yesterday after she helped with some of the stuff on one of Buffy's stupid lists.

I am so glad that Giles is coming home today.  One more day with Psycho Buffy and I'd be as nutty as she is!  (Well, no one is as nuts-o as she is, but you know what I mean.)

Oh, did I tell you that the Council sent Giles a present?  Randall said that he would remind them and it was delivered yesterday.  I can wait to see what it is!  It had better be good after all the work he's done for them.  Buffy and I agree about one thing - this is going to be a birthday that Giles will always remember!

Gotta go.  Randall wants to talk!

More later.