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February 19, 2004

Dear Diary,

Well I can forget about asking Buffy anything until after the party.  She's turned into this decorating demon and is totally obsessing over everything.  It took two hours just to decide on the color of the napkins!  She's made everyone lists and has turned into a total control freak!  I wish Giles would get home already so he can figure out is she's really possessed or just plain crazy.  Tomorrow canNOT come soon enough!

Oh and we're not having cake.  We're having a giant jelly donut instead.  How weird is that?

Oh, I almost forgot, Brian stopped me in the hall today and asked if I wanted go skating this weekend.  I told him I already had plans, but thanks for asking.  He didn't really say anything, but I got the feeling that he expected me to drop everything for the chance to go out with him.  As if!

More later.