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February 16, 2004

Dear Diary,

Mark and I talked after class today and he asked if I'd like to go to a movie sometime.  I told him I'd love to, but I had to check with my nutty sister first.  I'm going to try to catch her in a good mood to ask.

BTW, Randall figured out a great way to let everyone know about Giles' birthday.  I pretended to have talked to the lady he works with and everyone was so feeling so guilty about not knowing before that they didn't ask any questions.  Randall said that's what would happen and it did!  You know, I think he's every bit as smart as Giles!

Buffy decided to throw a big party when for Giles when he gets home.  Isn't that great?!  I love birthday cake!  I just hope she doesn't go all nutso about it like she did at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I don't know what it is with her and holidays.  I think maybe it's some sorta disease.  Holidayitis or something.  It's scary....

More later.