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February 15, 2004

Dear Diary,

So much has happened I don't know where to start… 

Valentine's Day was wonderful and Liz's party was the greatest ever!  The perfume thing didn't work out exactly the way I planned. 

It worked even better!!! 

(Scared you there for minute didn't I, Dear Diary?)  Okay, so Liz's mom is still not speaking to her dad.  But, hey, she really did look a lot a poodle and her hair-do was totally not my fault! 

It's really weird, the whole thing started because I wanted to know how Brian really feels about me.  Then, WHAM!, all of a sudden I realized I don't care how he feels!  What's the fun of drooling over someone who doesn't drool back?  (And that sounded so much better in my head than it looks on paper!)

Mark is so funny and we had such a good time.  We danced and talked and ate and danced some more.  When the party was over, I walked him home.  (How hokey is that?)  It was raining and I got soaked and nearly froze, but even that was fun because Mark invited me in for hot chocolate. 

His mom is really nice and funny, too.  She gave me a towel to wrap around my hair and this terry cloth bathrobe that was like 40 sizes too big (I think it was Mark's dad's) and then she made us hot chocolate that tasted just like Mom used to make.  I felt… well, maybe I'll tell you that later, Dear Diary.  I guess I'm not ready to talk about that part yet.

Later Mark walked me back to Liz's under this huge, striped golf umbrella that had so many colors it practically glowed in the dark.  I think he was going to kiss me goodnight, but then we heard Liz and Shannon giggling.  That's when he took a step back and shook my hand and said it had been a pleasure meeting me and we must do it again soon.  I nearly died laughing. 

Oops, there goes the computer.  It might be Randall.

Be back soon…I have so much more to tell you!


Still February 15

Just as I was Randall! 

You know the poor guy really needs someone to take care of him.  He spilled something all over himself while we were talking.

Anyway, that was good timing because I was about to tell you that he stood me up at the mall today because some Watcher type business came up so he called instead.  I think maybe he's feeling a little lonely or something, because at first he didn't sound at all like himself.  But after we talked for a little while he sounded better.  And you know what! Next Friday  is Giles' birthday!  He's going to be 50.  Which is like ancient - unless you're a tree or a turtle or something and then it's not so bad.

But Randall won't let me tell anyone!  I don't know why Buffy doesn't already know.  I mean, he's been her Watcher forever and ever.  Looks like after the first or second apocalypse she would have gotten around to asking - just in case he might not have another one. 

Randall said he'll think about it, and he's really smart so we'll find a way to tell after all.   We should do something nice for Giles.  He deserves it.  

More later.