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December 28, 2003

Dear Diary, 

Did you ever have one of those days where nothing went the way you planned? 

I was supposed to meet Randall this afternoon at the mall, but Buffy decided to tag along so we could do some sisterly bonding over the after-Christmas sales.  Then, Willow decided she wanted to come, too.  Next, Xander got into the act and before long everyone had talked Giles into going with us. 

I didn't have a chance to get away from everyone long enough to call and warn Randall that the entire Scooby clan was going to be with me.  When we got to the mall, I was going to slip away for a minute so I could meet him at the Food Court like we planned.  But when I mentioned "food" Xander decided he was hungry, and then Willow said she could use something to eat, and I think you can see where this is headed.  Pretty soon there was a Scooby procession headed down the mall. 

I spotted Randall just about the same time he saw Buffy and Giles.  Diary, I wish you could have seen his face.  If I didn't know better I would swear he was scared to death.  It was really funny.  I think it's sweet that he's worried about Giles finding about before Percy and the COW's can give him the good news themselves. 

Anyway, I finally did get a minute to myself - after I told Buffy I really was old enough to go pee alone.  Since I only had a little time I had to give Randall a quick report (and I still can't believe he sneaked into the Women's bathroom) about what had been going on.  But he seemed happy and took notes about everything that I told him. 

And you know what else?  He gave me a Christmas present!  It's the sweetest silver cuff type bracelet that has these great looking etchings all the way around it.  When he first put it on my wrist I thought it was this freaky glowy color for a second and I felt a little dizzy.  But then, with the crappy lighting in that bathroom everything's a freaky color.  Liz has the great complexion and she looks like she's been dead for three months.  (And I really do know what that looks like!) 

Anyway, I felt bad that I didn't have anything to give Randall but he just smiled and told me not to worry about it because I was helping more than I could ever imagine.  Isn't that just so sweet? 

Then I went back to the gang and we had a great afternoon shopping and hanging out together. I wish it could stay like this forever and ever. 

More later.

PS.  I just got back from Shannon's party tonight and ...

     Brian danced with me!!!!!

More later when my head stops spinning!