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I took a digital of the bracelet to show you. 

Isn't it just beautiful?  Liz will be so jealous!

December 30th, 2003

Dear Diary,

Giles scared me half to death today! 

I was wearing Randall's bracelet and Giles saw it (I know I should keep it hidden, but I couldn't resist wearing it!  It's like it called to me or something).  Anyway, Giles asked to see it and I had to show it to him.  I told him it was a present from a friend at school and he said in that stuffy Dad-way he gets, "it must be a very SPECIAL friend, Dawn."  He told me the symbols are actually a poem.  Of course he could read it, I think he can read, like any language in the world and probably some that aren't from this world.  Anyway, he said it says: 

Oh Master, show some compassion on me.
Please come and dwell in my heart because without you, it is painfully lonely.
Fill this empty pot with nectar of love.
I do not know any Tantra, Mantra or ritualistic worship.
I know and believe only in you. 
I have been searching for you all over the world.
Please come and hold my hand now.

Isn't that just like the most romantic thing you've ever heard in your whole life?  I'm sure Randall doesn't know what the poem means even if he is a COW because I know Giles is like the smartest of all the Moos.  I bet it would probably embarrass him to death if he did.

But you know, he's really not bad looking for an old guy.  I mean, he's not as sexy as Brian or Orlando or anything like that, but he's still kinda cool. 

More later.