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December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas Dear Diary! 

I'm too tired to write much but I just have to tell you about what happened yesterday and today. 

We continued the Summers' holiday tradition of disaster. Mud monsters. 
I mean really, you think the world could cut us a break!  But no, we have to spend our Christmas Eve mucking around in the sewers and they are GROSS!  They 're just so sewery and they smell like - well, no need to get into that. 

Not that I'm complaining, but my ankle still hurts.  I couldn't do any dancing at the coven today because of it.  I hope it's better in time for the party on Saturday.  Her boyfriend told Liz that his brother told him that Brian is going to ask me to dance. 

Still, I guess it was a real SuGiHaRo Christmas, right?  Even though I don't want mud monsters to become a tradition,  it was nice sitting around that bare tree afterwards.  We felt good, you know? 

And I saved the best news!  Buffy gave me that leather jacket I wanted so much.  Willow got me some really nice blouses and Xander gave me a "gift certificate" for a new piece of furniture for my room.  I think I want a new bedside table, with a drawer with a lock where I can put you, Diary. 

Giles was sweet.  He gave me a watch.  It was a grownup one, really pretty, but he said it was to make sure I was always on time for the family events.  He manages to be dad-like and treat me like an adult at the same time.  How does he do that?  Anyway, now we'll be on time for the movie! (Legolas here I come!) 

Oh and Giles seemed to like his present too.  He said he couldn't wait for "our date" and even promised to take me out for dinner wherever I wanted to go.  (Wonder if he'd mind driving to Eugene?  I could sure use another chocolate fix at Applebee's!)  But I thought Xander's gift to him was cool too--I didn't know the donut shop gave gift certificates! 

What else?  Willow gave him these computer CD's she had been working on with demons and monsters and things all indexed and stuff.  But she said they weren't complete--no mud monsters in there. 


But I think he liked Buffy's gift the best.  She got him a guitar.  Did you know he could sing?  I mean, this was GILES, but he really was good!  Of course he only sings old stuff and I bet he can't do anything really cool and rocky, but he isn't bad. I was totally surprised. 

I'm getting tired, Diary, but I've just got to tell you the rest. 

Xander got all these new tools from all of us.  Willow had found this place that did specialized Japanese finishing tools and he was just in awe.  We each had picked out a couple of pieces and he had this whole big set by the time he was done.  He said they were the best around.  (He can use them to make my new table!) 

Willow got witchy stuff and school stuff.  Giles got her this cool briefcase/bookbag thing which makes her look really professional and studious and all.  And Buffy promised to grow her an entire herb garden so she'd always have fresh material.  I think it made her happy and sad both.  Willow really wants her magic back. 

Buffy got gardening stuff from everyone except Giles.  He gave her this beautiful dress, just really wonderful and even kinda sexy.  It must have cost a fortune.  Buffy just had to try it on right away and she looked good in it, I have to say.  She was all happy and glowing and everyone was saying how wonderful she looked and then Giles told her that he was sure Brad would love it and so she rushed upstairs to take it off.  I guess she didn't want it damaged or anything. 

More later. 

PS. Randall called.  He wants to meet again.  He said he needs to update his report on Giles.  I'm going to see if I can sneak out tomorrow.  I can't wait for him to finally walk up to Giles and tell him what's been going on.  It will be so cool!  I know Giles will just be freaked!

P.P.S. I almost forgot - Jo gave Giles a sweater she knitted for him herself.  She was going on all lovey-dovey about the color of his eyes.  It was okay and he wore it all day at the Coven events, but frankly, beige really isn't the best color for him.  Then again, I guess  beige isn't really the best color for anyone. 

Brad gave Buffy a pin shaped like a pansy.  It was really pretty in a totally "Buffy wouldn't wear it in a million years" sort of way.  OTOH, it will look great with my new lilac and green scarf.