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tomorrow Buffy and Giles are going to find 
the PERFECT tree to put LOTS of presents under.  


December 23, 2003

Dear Diary, 

It's official.  Buffy has lost her mind.  

I thought she was goofy about Thanksgiving, but she's being totally nuts about Christmas.  I think she's ticked off that we agreed to spend Christmas day at the coven, so she's declared our Scooby Xmas is on the 24th.  She's got a whole plan for things and we're all just standing out of her way. I heard Willow whisper to Xander that she was even more scary than Martha Stewart.  Not that I'm sure anything is more scary than Martha, but Buffy's pretty close. 

The Coven thing should be cool though, I know they're planning all this big nature focused party, with lots of food.  They normally do a few small spells, but I think they cancelled most of those since things are still going wacky out there.  Willow's getting more and more stressed about that.  It's like she thinks she has to be Super Wicca or something. 

Xander been a little too quiet.  I thought he was getting better with his job, but now he's withdrawing a bit more then before.  I guess the holidays aren't so happy for him. 

Giles and Jo are all coupley.  I saw the necklace he's getting her for Christmas and its really beautiful. She's going to freak.  And speaking being a freak, I wish I knew what Buffy's problem is with Jo.  She says she's happy for Giles and she says Jo's great, but she's like the Buffybot when Jo is around.  She just sits and smiles and acts all happy.  It's totally weird. 

I think Giles knows something is wrong but doesn't know what to do about it.  I hope whatever it is Buffy gets over it soon.  Things are weird enough without having to see Buffy with this phoney smile pasted on her face. 

More later.