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I traced the Oregon Duck out for you to see, Diary.

Its a really strange name for a team, but I'm beginning to like it.  Maybe I'll go there for school.  If Giles is working there, I could get a discount on the tuition and all.


December 8, 2003

Dear Diary,

Brian talked to me!  I still can't believe it. It wasn't even like I was expecting to see him or anything. 

I had a headache again and went to the nurse's office to get some aspirin.  Miss Whedon got a phone call, and it was private medical type stuff so she asked me to wait in the hall.  While I was standing there, Brian came by and started talking to me. 

It was so cool! 

He had on this gorgeous green sweater that exactly matched the color of my skirt.  How awesome is that? It was like fate or something.  We talked about movies and stuff and I think he was just about to ask me out when Miss Whedon called me back into her office.  I could have screamed.  But Brian just smiled and said he'd see me later. 

I told Liz all about it and she thinks that he definitely likes me.  Shannon is going to have a Christmas party at her house and she's going to have her boyfriend invite Brian. And that cheerleading sl*t! Joanie is NOT invited.  Now all I have to do is talk Buffy and Giles into letting me go. 

By the way, Giles has a new job.  The big bosses at U of O dumped that copycat prof and practically BEGGED Giles to teach there.  They offered him like anything he wanted, but since he has Watcher stuff to take care of he only took over a few classes.  So, he's going to be teaching Archeology and Ancient History. I think he's doing courses in Babylonian, Sumerian, and Egyptian.  (Sounds so exciting I almost went to sleep writing it down.) 

Anyway, I teased him about being all Indiana Jones like and having all the girls in his classes swooning over him and he thought it was really funny.  Buffy sure didn't.  She said that since he's a professor and all, that maybe he should get some tweed suits like the ones he had when he first came to Sunnydale.  Giles said he didn't think it would be necessary, but Buffy seems convinced that the world in going to end if he shows up for his first class wearing a fedora and leather jacket.

My sister is so weird.  I wonder sometimes if she's been kicked in the head by one too many vampires. 

More later.