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I LIVE for their Triple Chocolate Meltdown!!!

December 6, 2003

Dear Diary,

Guess what?  I got to go shopping after all!  Giles took me to Eugene today after Buffy decided to release me from house arrest.  He had to go to some sort of big meeting at the University there. I didn't really pay much attention, but it had something to do with a professor from the Whispering Pines campus accused of copying stuff from someone else.  The University big bosses were getting together to decide what to do and they needed Giles to testify as an expert or something.

While he was showing off at the conference, I went shopping at the Gateway Mall, which is kinda lame.  Our Pine Cone Plaza is way cooler.  But outside the mall  I spotted an Applebee's.  We don't have one in Whispering Pines so I made Giles take me there for dessert, even though it was the middle of the day.  The Triple Chocolate Meltdown is just amazing!!!  YUM!

I guess the meeting at the University didn't go so well, because when I ordered two, Giles looked a little queasy.  He didn't quite finish his, so I ate the rest of it, too.  Then he really did turn green!  

More Later!