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Headaches SUCK!





I want them to stop.


December 11, 2003

Dear Diary, 

The headaches are getting worse.  I passed out today during science class but when Mr. Dumire called Miss Whedon I lied and told her that I just got dizzy because I forgot to eat lunch. 

I can tell Buffy is worried.  Which is kind of nice in a really annoying sort of way.  She already treats me like a kid and if I tell her how bad the headaches are she'll never let me out of the house again.  And I don't want her dragging me to another doctor.  I know it won't do any good. 

The doctors and hospitals didn't help Mom.  

I'd like to talk to Deborah, but I'm afraid that if I do Jo will find out and run tattle to Giles.  Since they've been dating, Jo's started acting like she's a Scooby or something.  It's getting on my nerves big time, but Buffy says that since Giles likes her I've got to be nice.  Of course, the other night after dinner all during this big lecture on how important it was to be friendly to Jo, she was tying a spoon into a knot. 

My head is starting to hurt again.  I'm going to take some aspirin and go to bed.  Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow. 

More later.