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August 16, 2003

Dear Diary,

I just realized that I told you all about the Coven, but didn't say anything about the town.  It's not big like LA or anything.  Lessa said that part of the time about about 40,000 people live here.  Then it changes to 45,000. (No, there's nothing magical about it.)  There's a satellite campus for the University of Oregon (Ducks?!?!  What were they thinking?) here and there's more people when classes start.

Buffy loves the town because it's picturesque.  (One guess as to who she heard use that word.)  Giles likes it because he researched the statistics for the local crime rate (He really needs a life.)  and they're extremely low. Xander thinks it great because he knows he won't have any problem finding a job.  And Willow's already checked out the college and says they have an "outstanding" pre-Med program.  (I didn't even know Willow was interested in medicine.  Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things?)

The people in town are just as nice and friendly as everyone at the Coven.  (A reporter from the local paper even came out and interviewed us.)  And the most important thing is that there are some great shops.  (As soon as possible, I'm burning every pair of sweats I own!)  We went in this one shop that sells posters and stuff and there was one that said, "As long as whatever floats your boat doesn't rock mine we'll get along fine."  I think that may be the unofficial town motto for Whispering Pines.

Of course, Buffy immediately spotted this place called Cafe Caffeine.  (Bet you can't guess what they serve?)  There were a lot of kids from the college in there.  But I saw a couple of girls that looked like they might be my age, and a guy who looked about the same age as Giles.   One of the kids called him "Dr." so I guess some of the professors hang out there, too.  Willow had one cup of coffee and then started bouncing like Tigger when she noticed that the booths are wired so you can plug in a laptop.

I think we're all going to like it here.

More later.


August 21, 2003

Dear Diary,

Five minutes by myself.  Is that too much to ask?  Just five freaking minutes!  I thought living with a house full of Slayers was bad, but that was before I was wiccaed.

There is someone around every single minute of the day and night.  It's like living with the New Age version of the Brady Bunch with everyone always so cheerful and happy and ready to help.  (Just one more "blessed be" and I'm taking someone out with a loaf of "wholesome and freshly-baked" zucchini bread.)

I think Buffy may be overdosing on all the togetherness, too.  And I know Willow is.  All the witches keep wanting her to discuss her "journey through darkness and return to the path of light."  How complicated is it? She was evil, now she's not.  End of story.  Buy the t-shirt and move on already.  Oh, god, someone wants in the bathroom.  Gotta go.

More later.

(come on, make my day!)