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(I really like this! I think I'll show it to Buffy.)


August 23, 2003

Dear Diary,

Buffy, Willow and I played hooky and had a girls only day at the Pine Cone Plaza.  (Goodbye Kmart, hello Gap.) It has everything I was beginning to think I'd never see again.  Starbucks.  The Limited.  Old Navy.  And very best of all - Haagen-Dazs.  We couldn't decide what we wanted for lunch, so instead of going one place we just snacked our way around the food court.  Afterward we did more shopping and I thought I was going to have to drag Willow and Buffy out of the Pottery Barn.  (Leather pillows?  I don't think so!)

I guess looking at all this stuff made us realized how much we miss having a home of our own and having things that belong to us and aren't borrowed.  Buffy said what she misses most is watching TV without everyone voting on which program they want to see.  Willow wishes she could take an hour long bubble bath.  I just want to live someplace where I never, ever have to see another loaf of zucchini bread.

I know we should be grateful for everything the Coven has done for us.  And I really am.  It's just I want us to have a home again.  A place just for us.

And I want to paint my room lilac.

More later.