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April 13, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today started so well and then I got one of those damn headaches.  It's been like two months of nothing and then all of a sudden, agonizing pain.  I collapsed right in front of Mark.  It was SO embarrassing.

He took me to Carrie's office.  She said he carried me in, which would have been so romantic if I hadn't been feeling like I was about to throw up.

So I had to stay in her office until she and Xander brought me home.   They're all acting so weird.  I just know that something is going on that they don't want to tell me about.

More Later.



He's back.

He attacked the Coven and murdered Lessa.  He killed Sarah and Katrina too.  And shot Jo.  He nearly killed Willow.  And Elspeth's in the hospital too.  I can't believe any of this actually happened.  It seems like a nightmare, even though I know it's real.

What's wrong with me?  How can I sit here and be so calm when I'm writing about him killing our friends?

They were all so nice to us when we moved here.  Especially Lessa.  All she ever wanted was to help people. I can't believe she's dead.  I can't believe that Randall killed her.  I know there wasn't really a Randall, but it feels like there WAS and how could HE kill someone like Lessa?

I hate Ethan.  I wish I could kill him just like he killed Lessa!

We've got to go to the hospital now.

More Later.