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April 11, 2004

Dear Diary,

Percy is just so cool.  While he was here he told me that I could email him, but I wasn't sure about bothering him because he's so busy running the Council so why would he want to talk to me, but then HE emailed ME!

We got to chatting in the Council chatroom (why can't Giles be this tech-savy!?) and I sorta confessed that I've been thinking about wanting to be a Watcher.  He said he thought I'd make a great one.  I'm not sure about the great part, but I kinda think I'd like to try.  I mean, I can't really walk away from all this, and I'm not a Slayer, so what else can I do?  Research was fun, at least when I found something (otherwise it's just like homework!), and you can learn magic and weaponry and lots of other things.  So I think it might be something to do.

But Buffy will probably freak, so I don't know.

More Later.


(too pink?)

(too red?)


April 12, 2004

Dear Diary,

Found a great prom dress catalog.  They're SO expensive, but I want a killer dress that will make Mark's eyes pop out of his head when he sees me in it, and of course I don't mean that for real!  (Who else lives a life where you have to always put in disclaimers like that?)

Which one do you think works?

More Later.



(too short?)

(too Buffy!!!)