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March 24, 2004

Dear Diary,

Found out that Faith is here to track down some nut-so slayer who killed Kennedy and wants to off all the other Slayers, too. Can you believe it? She finds out that she doesn't have to be the one girl in all the world -that there are others just like her - and this whacko wants them dead! I'll never understand people!!!!

I was kind of worried about what Willow would do when she found out about Kennedy. She was upset (who wouldn't be?) but not Tara kind of upset, so I don't guess we need to worry about her going all brunette and trying to end the world or anything. She seems more upset about the whole magic stuff than anything else.

It's totally weird to think about Kennedy dead. You know, she was like a huge part of our lives for a few months and then she was gone and now she's dead. I think I should feel worse about it. But really, all it does is scare me a little. I mean, don't we have enough problems without Slayers killing Slayers? And I know this girl hurt Buffy, Giles was worried, but then again, he's always worried. Anyway, Faith's here and together, she and Buffy can take on anyone.

You know, there's something really different about Faith - I mean aside from not being a psychotic, homicidal bitch any more. Now when she smiles it's like she really means it. I guess things must have worked out okay for her and Mr. Wood Robin cause they're still together.

Wonder what it is about Slayers and Watchers? Buffy and Giles are so sappy and sweet when they're together that it's enough to send the entire state of Oregon into diabetic shock.

Big history test tomorrow. Guess I'd better hit the books.

More later.