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(I tore this out of the Home Depot ad in the paper.  Now I know.)


June 16, 2003

Dear Diary,

There was a big meeting today with everyone.

Giles said that just that morning he'd received a phone call from the coven in Devon.  The Hellmouth in Sunnydale - or I suppose to be more accurate the big hole that used to be Sunnydale - has been permanently sealed.

There was lots of cheering and hugging about that.

Then Giles told everyone about the Council's plans.  (Faith used a word I'd better not repeat to describe the CoW.)  Giles didn't disagree with her but did say this time the Council would be run to serve the Slayers, not the other way around.  He said Percy and the others will be arriving from England soon to talk to our Slayers.   (I'm waiting to see if they make it past Buffy and Faith.)   Their plans are to take everyone back to England for training and then assign them and their Watchers all over the world.

Faith said that she and Robin will talk to Percy, but they've already made their own plans.  They decided an active Hellmouth needs an experienced Slayer and where better to kick evil's butt than in Cleveland.

Kennedy got all G.I. Jane about the idea, but Willow didn't say anything.  And later, at the Hurrah the Hellmouth is Closed Pizza Party, I saw them over in a corner talking and it sure didn't look like they were discussing a rose covered cottage and white picket fence.  (Whatever the heck a picket is!)

More later.