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February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Diary! 

I just know this is going to be a special one! 

Giles has got this fancy-fancy date planned for Jo and Brad's doing some surprise romantic thing for Buffy and finally Nurse Whedon called and she and Xander are going out on a date.  That's cool and it took long enough.  Glad she finally got the hint--I didn't think Xander would ever pick up on it!  Willow doesn't have a date, but I think she's going out anyway.  I wouldn't want to be in this house alone either.  Willow should get lucky soon.  I mean, she'll date guys and girls, both, so she's got like the entire world to choose from.  It's got to be easier for her. 

Anyway, Randall dropped my perfume off really early this morning.  I went out with Giles to get hot donuts (I am so glad Whispering Pines finally got a Krispy Kreme!) and when we came back, there it was.  That was neat. 

I should start getting ready.  I need to find just the right outfit.  Something really stylish and mature and just a bit sexy too.  I want Brian to get one look and drop dead at my feet.  (Well, not really cause dead bodies are really hard to explain.)  But maybe Brian will pay more attention if he see me getting a few looks from some other guys too. 

I don't think I'll get to tell you about things tonight, Diary, since I'm staying at Liz's and I'm sure not taking you with me, but I'll fill you in on Sunday when I get back.  I just KNOW this is going to be the most special night for all of us! 

More later.