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Isn't he gorgeous, Diary?  Sigh...


December 20, 2003

Dear Diary, 

Life is wonderful and Buffy is the best sister in the entire world!  Not only is school out for the holidays, I got to go to the mall today with Liz and Shannon.  I thought for sure that after Buffy found out about the science test that she would keep me locked up, but she all she said was that she knew I could do better and that I needed to work on it next semester.  Can you believe it?  I sure couldn't.  Anyway, I'm on parole! 

We had the best time at the mall and I can't believe how much shopping I got done.  I found the cutest pair of shoes, a sweater, some terrific sunglasses and a couple of fantastic CD's.  

We saw Miss Whedon there and she was wearing jeans!  It was so weird to see her in real clothes.  We decided that she's really kinda cute - in an older woman sort of way.  Liz said that last year she was dating this totally hot guy, but no one has seen him since school started.  (Note:  I need to get Willow to check her background and make sure she's not a mankilling demon!) 

Got to run.  Liz is going to call so we can talk about everything we did this afternoon. 

More soon. 

P.S. I finally found the perfect gift for Giles.  I'm taking him to see "The Return of the King".  It's perfect, cause Giles reminds me of Gandalf (only without the white robes and beard) since he's always saying this really smart stuff and coming up with ways to help save the world.  So, Giles gets to see a great movie and I get to see Legolas.  Life really is wonderful. 

More later.