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May 27, 2003

Dear Diary,

Today, Xander and Andrew went to the hospital to check on Mr. Wood and Faith while Giles took the rest of us shopping.  (You should have seen his face when he saw all eighteen of us lined up by the school bus.  Which runs now, by the way.  They fixed it and it only took three days.  I don't know who was more surprised - Giles or Xander or me.)

Anyway, he tried to talk us into writing down sizes and things and letting Buffy, Willow and Kennedy buy what we needed.  Well, duh! Like that was going to happen.  We're teenage girls.  A mall is our natural habitat.  I told him that with our luck there was probably another apocalypse headed our way and I was so not facing it wearing puke-green sweats from hotels' "lost clothes box" that I'd had on for three days now.

At first, he just looked kind of surprised. Then he smiled a little.  Then he started to giggle.  (Giles giggles!!!!!)  When he finally caught his breath, he agreed wearing puke-green for an apocalypse was a definite fashion faux pas.  (I need to have a talk with Giles.  Do you know how long it took to find 'faux pas' in the dictionary.)  I think he was kidding about there being a color you're supposed to wear when the world is about to end, but with him being English and all it's hard to tell.  I'd better check with Buffy.  She'll know.

I should have suspected something was up when Giles kept smiling.  He did tell the truth.  We did go shopping. But our destination in no way, shape or form resembled a mall.  (Someone really needs to tell them how annoying that "Attention Kmart Shoppers" announcement is.)

Looking at it from that "the glass is half full" angle, at least my new sweats aren't puke green.

More later.