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Got to learn about energy flow 
if I want to survive this year....


December 14, 2003

Dear Diary, 

I've got this big science test tomorrow and I've just GOT to do okay.  If I get an A for the semester, Buffy won't have any excuse for keeping me locked up.   And I really want to go to Shannon's Christmas party.  

Shannon said that Brian is definitely going to be at her party and last week I saw the cutest red dress that would be just perfect.  I'm supposed to be paroled to go shopping with Liz and pick up some stuff for Christmas so I can get the dress then.  I was thinking about getting it yesterday, but I spent all that time talking to Randall instead.  

As for Christmas, I've got stuff for everyone else but I still haven't found anything for Buffy or Giles.  I saw a sweater that I think Buffy will like.  It has this terrific neckline, there's lots of fringe around the cuffs and it's this fantastic shade of plum and will look great with my her hair. 

I guess I could get Giles a new book.  Of course he already has like ten thousand so I don't suppose he really needs another one.  He likes old movies - really, really old like from the Dark Ages in the 30's and 40's.  (I mean who knew they even made movies back then?  With sound and everything!)  Maybe I can find some DVD's. 

I guess I'd better close so I can hit the books.   The other books, Dear Diary.  You're still the most important book to me!

More later.