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Saw this on EBay yesterday.  What do you think?  Maybe for Buffy for Christmas?  

Have you seen some of the things they sell on EBay?  I wonder a lot about my life with the monsters and death and evil sorcerors trying to drain me of my magickal energy, but still...I don't think we're THAT weird!


April 23, 2004

Dear Diary,

Went to school again.  Avoided Mark.  Again.

Buffy and Giles have been doing a lot of training.  She's getting ready to fight Ethan, but I don't know how she's going to do it without her strength.

In better news, they're planning this big date in Eugene for tomorrow.  They keep talking about how "life goes on" and "seizing the fish" (which makes them giggle so I'm thinking it's some sort of sexual reference meaning that they're finally going to do it.)

You know what?  I really need to get a life of my own.  I know waaayyy too much about my sister's love life.

More Later.