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April 17, 2004

Dear Diary,

No news.

More Later when I have something to tell you.

Some news, not about Buffy, but other things.

A whole bunch of CoWboys are here.  Percy sent them over to protect us and to find Ethan.  They've got teams at the Coven, the hospital and here.  They're like these super commando types and they've got guns and stakes - which is kinda weird.  They're all invisible too, unless you're in the guarded area with the right spells around you.  That part would be really cool, if the reason for them being here wasn't so scary.

I'm glad they're here because really, we weren't up to doing anything but trying to help Buffy.  She still hasn't moved.  Carrie set up this IV and is helping us take care of her.  We're pretty much all in and out of her room all the time (we so don't want her waking up alone) visiting with her or researching.  I think Ethan could have walked in the front door yesterday and we wouldn't have noticed.  So I'm really glad they're here.

Even if they are kinda stiff and formal.

More Later.