January 1st, 2004...

I rang in the New Year with another visit to Dawn. We met up late in the afternoon at a local donut shop. She insisted I try your favorite, some god-awful jelly-filled confection. Made me gag. How do you keep those pearly whites with such a sweet tooth, Ripper?

Though it was I who suggested the meeting, I found myself rather restless the whole time. I feigned interest but her words of you were unending. As she spoke, I grew more irritated until I just couldn't sit through another recap of your daring exploits. I dismissed myself, telling her I needed to step outside for a breath of air and she followed along like some curious puppy. I wandered around the side of the shop and when the coast was clear, I whispered those magical words and she fell fast asleep into my welcoming arms.

I've become so good at this, Ripper, I swear I could manage the feat in broad daylight with an audience of law enforcement and I would receive a standing ovation.

I should be proud of myself. So why am I still restless?