February 10th, 2004...

I could have had you today, my pet. I was so close. On second thought, you were much closer to having me, weren't you? When you made me your pillow, I feared I'd burst beneath you had I given you a moment more. Luckily for both of us, you appointed me an assignment and drew my attentions away.

A truth spell. My beloved asks for a truth spell and she will get what she deserves and more. But it will cost her and my toll is a steep one. My fee will not be priced by wealth, no my dear, it will be a currency of innocence, of uncorrupted virtue and it will be mine to spoil.

I will finish the spell and you will get your truths. Then you will give yourself to me, as freely as the calling will allow.

I wonder what truths Ripper might unwittingly let slip out under your spell. This could be much more fun than I anticipated.

But nothing will match the fun we will have together. Thanks to you, I've work to do.