Lyle Pershing is a gruff man, but fair. He has little sense of humor, but a solid sense of honor. He keeps his word once it's given. He has a temper, but doesn't tend to hold grudges. There are exactly two things on the face of the Earth that will cause him to betray any tenderness in his character: plants and Daisy. Anyone who treats both flowers and Daisy well is a friend of his. He's difficult to know well, but worth the effort.

Daisy Pershing is easier to know. She's bright, mercurial, and good-natured. She talks comfortably to people and puts them at their ease quickly. People who don't know her sometimes underestimate her abilities. If she finds out about this, she has been known to hold a grudge over it for years.

She's very protective of Lyle. Anyone who mistreats, cheats, or disses Lyle is no friend of hers.

Her green thumb is legendary. If she can't keep a plant alive, it can't live. She is almost never seen without her two beagles, Primrose and Poppy.

Brad Connelly, 28, has a green thumb as long as your arm. He also works at Pershing Daisies with Buffy - frequently with his shirt off, weather allowing.

A native of Whispering Pines, Brad left the country once. He spent the summer after he graduated college touring Europe. He saw every major garden, but not one museum.

His family has lived in Whispering Pines for generations, and are well-respected.

He's a good, solid guy. Dependable, hard-working, not terribly outgoing, but friendly, kind to animals and small children. He has a nice smile and a well-maintained body. He laughs easily, though not always at the same things others would find funny. In short, he's a little quirky, but he's a good catch. In fact, Lyle has talked about selling out to Brad, should he ever decide to retire. This would suit him very well, because he loves plants, Whispering Pines, and the semi-outdoor life of tending the nursery. He's reached a point in his life where he's ready to settle himself and start a family - if he finds the right woman.

Stephanie Greene is in her early 30's. She started at Pershing Daisies doing part-time work after high school in an arrangement made between her parents, the police chief, and the Pershings after she was involved in some petty vandalism at the nursery. She stayed on after the arrangement ended, and has been there ever since. She's a tall, ungainly woman with a shock of unruly dark hair, and a wardrobe the cast of What Not To Wear would like to burn ceremonially. She has a sharp wit and an even sharper temper. Quick to take offense, she radiates threat, but her bark is a lot worse than her bite.

She's slow to warm to new people, and slower still when the newcomer is a pretty woman, like Buffy. Her marriage of seven months ended because of a perky little blonde. Even though it's been nearly ten years, she still resents perky little blondes.

So why do Lyle and Daisy keep Stephanie around? Because she has a real talent for floral arrangement. This is the woman in charge of bouquets, corsages; everything for the florist's counter except the actual customer service. It's not that Lyle and Daisy don't trust her with the money, though - it's because Stephanie is not exactly what you'd call a 'people person'.

Bob Halprin tends to blend into the scenery. He's average height, average weight, medium coloring, and dresses blandly. The most distinctive feature about him is a small beard. Some people don't actually notice it, though, because his hair and skin tones are so similar.

He's quiet and keeps to himself, but always seems to be on hand to see and hear everything of importance going on. Bob's probably in his mid 20's, but you know he's one of those people who looked more or less the way he does now in High school, and will probably look almost exactly the same well into his 40s. He handles the janitorial work, minor repairs, and stockwork.

As far as Bob is concerned, a person isn't worth knowing until they've been there at least a couple months. So you know they're staying, you see.

Bob disappeared without a trace a few weeks after Buffy started working at Pershing Daisies.

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