Willow now works on campus as well as studying there. Her occasional stints helping out in the Magic Box should provide some useful hints on dealing with retail in this store, too - especially if there's a paranormal emergency.

Michelle Yee, age nineteen, works in the campus bookstore with Willow. She's a pretty, vivacious, intelligent girl. Her declared major is History, but at times it seems as if she's at least minoring in partying. This is her first time away from her home in Petaluma, CA, and her parents, and she's determined to take full advantage of every opportunity that affords. She's also out and proud, but not as a lesbian. She's bisexual.
Kim Johnstone manages the campus bookstore. She's in her late thirties, and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was in a car accident four years ago. Her disability frustrates her, but she remains as active as she can. Fiercely independant, she's inclined to bristle if anyone seems as though they might pity her. She's well-organized, intelligent, outgoing, and a firm, but friendly boss.

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