The Scoobies' next nearest neighbors are thirty-three year old divorcee Monica Wilson and her two children, Cody and Ashley, ages five and three, respectively. Monica's ex-husband, carefully ripped from the photo shown, is not in the habit of paying alimony or child support if he can help it, and Monica's part-time job as a beautician doesn't pay particularly well. As a result, she's very aggressive when it comes to meeting new men. The advent of two attractive, unattached men moving in almost literally next door is the most exciting proposition to come along in ages. She's a little concerned at first about the two older girls, but as soon as she realizes they aren't romantically involved with either of the men, she likes them, too.

In appearance, Monica is of medium height, an obvious, but not unattractive bottle blonde, just very slightly plump, and has a bright smile. Her tenancy to wear butt-skimming mini-skirts is perhaps a bit inappropriate, but it does show off her legs, which are nice. She's never going to be mistaken for a great philosopher, but she's not stupid, either. She's a good cook and laughs easily. In fact, if she didn't try so hard, she'd probably have little trouble finding a man to be with.

Cody and Ashley - known affectionately as her 'little monsters' - are quiet children. They're of an oddly pale complexion that had to have come from their father and have large, solemn eyes. They do well enough in school and rarely get into trouble publicly. People wonder why Monica sometimes seems overly frustrated with them, but usually put that down to her sadly obvious search for a replacement father for her kids.

Fred and Alice Gilman met when they were both serving in the Peace Corps in South America in their early twenties, in the late 1960's. Passionately devoted to the welfare of all people, travel, and each other, they continued to trot the globe with the Corps even after they married in 1970. When Alice became pregnant with their first child in 1974, however, they decided it was time to settle on a permanent address and chose Whispering Pines. This is where their daughter, April, was born. A son, Brian, followed two years later.

All the time their children were growing up, the Gilmans worked in the local agriculture industry, helping to found and run a small organic produce farm. Alice still works part-time in the office there. In between their work and child-rearing, the couple continued to do volunteer work for various worthy charities, and attend rallies for causes they believe in. Every summer, they try to visit a different country. They love to talk about their travels, but there are a few places they've been that they don't say too much about, for some reason.

Both are tall, lean, and weathered from years of hard work in the open air. They dress simply with more of an eye to practicality than fashion.

While they personally don't hold with television, home computers, or microwave ovens, they keep these feelings to themselves. They will cheerfully explain their philosophy to anyone who asks, but don't feel it is their right to tell others how to choose in these matters. Their house is filled with books, and they love live music. In fact, Alice plays guitar and autoharp and Fred is an avid percussionist, specializing in bones and spoons. If Giles brings his guitar along on a visit, they've almost got a band.

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