"I love it. I absolutely love it.  I wish I had grown up in the era of fan fiction, because I was living those shows and those movies that I loved and I would put on the score to Superman and just relive the movie over and over," says Joss Whedon,  creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, when asked how he feels about his shows living on in the fanfic community. 

"I think it's kind of a glorious thing to be able to be carrying the torch. That's why I made these shows. I didn't make them so that people would enjoy them and forget them; I made them so they would never be able to shake them. It's the way I am as a fan. I create the shows that would make me do that."

VirtuaLunatics.com will present a new episode once every two weeks.  Of course it is possible that there may be small breaks for holidays!  Episodes will be distributed through the list first and then will appear here on this site.  We will also try to give you a few "extras" now and then, either in the episode itself or elsewhere on the site.

Some episodes will have NC17 content--graphic violence, graphic sex.  Pretend the show's moved to cable--and there are no primetime network restrictions here!  There maybe character death, even main character death.  There may be frank and open discussion of "adult" topics.   Other than this warning, and the warnings placed on the list page and the list rules, we're not providing any special ratings or alerts when something graphic/dramatic/horrible is going to happen.   You read at your own risk.  If you are underage in your country of residence, easily offended, never want to see anything bad happen to anyone, or otherwise not ready to handle any of these issues, well, for your sake and ours, please don't spend time on this site and please don't join the list.... 

At this time, VLC is not accepting new authors.  If you wish to be placed on the waiting list as a potential author, please email GilesFan directly.  (
Giles Fan @ virtualunatics.com --remove all spaces obviously to send the mail!)

Obligatory Disclaimer:  VLC does not own Buffy--if we did, we'd be doing this for real, on TV, not here on the site.  We make no money from this site--in fact, we're spending our own funds to keep it up!  Joss, Mutant Enemy and all the others own BtVS and all characters and whatnot---we're just playing because we miss the show so!  We mean no disrespect and intend no copyright infringement.   For a full and only slightly more formal disclaimer, go here.  For one of  Joss's comments about fanfic, see below.

Also, if you don't know already recognize the names, we're BG Shippers. While we believe that the characters will choose their own directions, which is not always the ones we want or expect, we're going to strongly encourage Giles & Buffy getting together sometime this season.  If that thought really bothers you, don't read. 

Thanks for your interest and again, Welcome to the New Slayground!